The Next Generation
of Lead Generation

We're an online marketing company that specializes in using mobile technology to generate quality leads for financial, insurance and education companies.

We reach first-time customers that have not been previously targeted in online campaigns, resulting in better leads, higher conversion rates and lower acquisition costs.

  1. Capture

    We engage prospective customers wherever they may be. Our mobile-optimized lead capturing puts you directly in their hands at the peak of their interest.

  2. Analyze

    All data goes through multiple filtering steps to ensure validity. Contact information is verified to be correct and reachable. Data is cross-checked against industry-wide databases.

  3. Deliver

    We deliver in real-time to all major lead management platforms. In addition, we offer easy and flexible integration with custom platforms, email, and call centers.

Lead Buyer Facts

Are mobile leads different from the leads I currently buy?

Yes and no. We provide all of the same fields and pre-qualifications that you would expect. However, since many mobile users have not been previously exposed to the same online marketing campaigns as desktop users, they are usually first-time customers and higher quality leads.

How many times are leads sold?

All of our leads are sold only once because the effectiveness of a lead is reduced for each additional buyer. As believers in quality over quantity, we work with each partner individually to meet their data requirements and determine the best price point for both parties.

How do I receive leads in real-time?

We are able to tie into your existing system by using any of the current industry-standards including HTTP POST/GET, Ping Tree, XML, SOAP and custom solutions. Delivery is customized to your specific filter requirements.

How do you generate your leads?

We generate our leads through in-house properties utilizing display, search, email, and social media marketing channels. Our leads are not aggregated or purchased from 3rd parties.

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JustAction and its founding members bring over a decade of technology and marketing experience to the table.

Having worked on both sides of the lead generation equation: buying and selling, we've picked up on quite a few things wrong with the industry.

Tired of receiving the same oversold leads that everybody else was dealing with, we set out to discover new ways of engaging customers in untapped markets.

Additionally, we found that the end-to-end process of capturing and selling a lead took way too much time.

We focused our efforts on making interactions between customers and buyers happen in real-time

while the customer is in the best state of mind to make a purchase or take action.

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